2017 Authors at Venice Book Fair and Writers Festival

Children’s Literature

Janet Boucher, "Hold on Toby"
Diane Carr, "Freedom's Dragonflight and Activity Coloring Book"
Candace Carson, "The Adventures of Sigia Day in the Rub' al Khali"
Catherine Cousins, "Mirabel Cat of the World"
Amy Fell, "Everyday Regular Kids," "Bugbee's Travel Tale" For information,
Franklin Hill, "Wings Within"
Bobbie Hinman, "The Freckle Fairy"
Michele Hinton, "Roxanne and the Dragon Mirror," and several more,
Ty Jouoin, "Rogue Planet"
Carol McCloud, "Bucket Fillers" "Baby's Bucket Book
Rhonda Manyak (A Child's Healing Heart), "If Only I Could Fly," a book for grieving toddlers.
Gayle Paben, "The Poetry of Animals,"
Brenda Spalding, "Hayden and the Honey Tree,"
D.G. Stern, "Upton Charles Dog Detective: Tip Top"
Diane Worthen, "Ira Caterpillar Learns to Scump"



Angelina Assanti, "Thank God I Got Cancer ... I'm Not a Hypochondriac Anymore!"
Les and Kimball Beery, "Angler's Guide to Kayak Fishing Southwest Florida Sarasota Bay to Pine Island"
Paulette Chernack, "Lasting Impressions: Art, Symbolism and History Found in Graveyards and Cemeteries"
Kim Cool, "Venice History Illustrated Revised"
George Dekle, "The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case: A Critical Analysis of the Trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann"
Bob Fuqua, "Hunting Fossil Shark Teeth in Venice, Florida"
William L. Ingram, "Finding Heaven in the Dark"
Tim Jacobs, "The 1864 Diary of Union Civil War Soldier Sergeant Samuel E. Grosvenor: A FirstHand Account of the Horrors of Andersonville Prison"
Stan Kapuchinski, "Say Goodbye to Your PDI (Personality Disordered Individual) Recognize People Who Make You Miserable and Eliminate Them From Your Life" Learn more at
Joseph E. Koob, "Purple is for Searching"
Adrian Krieg, "Vale The Illuminati and its Plans for the Future" and other books
Donald B. Landy, "Oh No, Charlie. Not Again!" and other books
Thomas Lee, "There's a Turtle on the Runway and Other Flying Stories"
Kevin Mooney, "Turning Up the Light: Four Steps to Brighter Management"
Bill Paradise, "Cancer, You and God"
Jack Perkins, "Nature of God Exploring the Creation to Find the Creator"
Roy Reichelt, "Charlie Duffy: Hitman Trilogy"
Gerda Robinson, "The Inner War: My Journey from Pain to Peace"
Pamela Storrs, "Breathe! Your Life Depends On It!: A Psychic's A To Z Guide To Your Intuitive Journey"
Paul C. Thornton, "White Man's Disease"

Fiction and Other

David Abraham, "Florida Cowcatchers and Outlaws"
Roy Ault, "Murder on the Mackinac"
Bill Blewett, "Mayhem on the Michigamme"
Sharon Buchbinder, "The Haunting of Hotel LaBelle"
Cal Campbell, "From Despair to Fortune: The Hall Dynasty"
RJ Coons, "Three Bridges"
Wendy Dingwall, "Toxic Cruise"
Donn Fleming, "Always and Never," "Sarasota Sunrise" and "Mangrove Murders"
Ed Frierson, "Your Call! The 1001 World Series Wager"
Bruce Haedrich, "Dan Marin Mystery Series"
Jack Harney, "Six" and "The Millstone Prophecy" Learn more at:
Linda Harrington, "Walk Softly"
Susan Klaus, "Flight of the Golden Harpy II"
Edward Laden, "The Majesty Into the Fog"
Jack Perkins, "Home Words: Poems for the Homeward Bound"
Clarissa Thomasson, "Surviving Sarasota" (Story of Sarasota's first settlers, Bill and Mary Jane Whitaker)

These organizations showcase various books by their members:

DocUmeant Publishing  
"Blood Red Sundown" by Allen Gates, "Fahrenheit 1600" by Jerry Weber, "Grace at the GDW Powell, How Not to Lose Your Bass in Business.ate" by Gary Fisher, "# the Secret Code of Girls" by Mae Dixon,
and "How Not to Lose Your Bass in Business," by DW Powell. For information, visit

Friends of Venice Public Library Inc.
Sarasota Authors Connection 
Mystery Writers of America, Florida Chapter
Florida Gulf Coast Florida Sisters in Crime
Literacy Volunteers of South Sarasota County
Venice Heritage Inc.